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Pouch Bags & Spout Bags PDF Print

High Speed Pouch making, Bag making and Spout sealing machines ensure that a wide range of pouch bags are available for a variety of applications. Zip seal also available to provide resealable bags for your product giving consumer add on benefits, increased brand recognition as product is retained in original packaging. In addition, there are saving on packaging costs by eliminating multi layer packaging (e.g inners + cartons).   Zipper seals provide a strong leak proof closure.  PIP Hot Deli Bags with zipper or slider seal are very popular for BBQ Chickens or hot meats.  Slider is a more convenient, easy to use closing method, but the slider is not as strong as the zipper and not leak proof.  Value in the slider is the ease of use.

We supply packaging for a variety of products e.g. snack foods / chips, biscuits, confectionary, cookies, rice, spices, tea, coffee, sugar, pasta, dates, flour, detergent powder, soaps, yoghurt (lids), butter / margarine, bubble gum, fruit juices and beverages, milk powder, frozen foods, meat, cheese, pet food, cat litter, potting soil, etc.


Portrait Style Hot Chicken Bag, PIP Grab Bag, Hot Deli Bag


PIP Deli Bag Large

Portrait Style PIP Hot Chicken Bag,  suitable for chickens up to Size 16. Zip seal to prevent leakage.

BBQ Chicken Bags, Portrait Style Grab Bag.


Fresh & Tasty Chicken Bag, PIP Hot Deli Bag, Plastic Landscape bag


PKI Landscape Hot Chicken Bag

PIP Landscape style zippered pouch bags suitable for hot food.  Most frequently used for hot BBQ chickens.

Zip Seal - prevents leakage. There are small vent holes to allow excess steam to escape.  Good window to allow easy viewing of the product inside the bag


Landscape Style 'Grab & Go' Hot Chicken bag


Portrait bags and Landscape style zippered and slider pouch bags suitable for hot food - BBQ chickens or hot roasts.

Zip Seal - Provides a strong seal and prevents leakage in the Hot Deli Bag

Slider Seal - Easy to open and close but not leak proof

Hot Chicken Slider Bag.  Large landscape style bag big enough to take the largest of chickens.  This has a very easy to use slider opening and closure method.  PKI Hot Deli Bag

Large Plastic Catering Pack for tea, resealable bag with handle

Large Plastic bag with zipper and side handle

Catering pouch bag for tea.

Zip seal to allow reseal of bag

Cat litter in Zippered bag. Clean, non messy way to keep cat litter

Pouch Bag with spout

Pouch Bag with top spout

Pouch bag with spout

Pouch with top spout

Plastic bag with zipper

Plastic Bag with Zipper reseal

Pouch bag with zip seal suitable for fruit juice

Resealable bag

Sauce Pouch Bag

Pouch Bag, room for spout

Pouch style bag suitable for cooking sauces

Spout bag with spout not yet inserted

Plastic Pouch bag with side spout

Bag with spout

Side spout style