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Rewind (Printed & Plain) PDF Print
PIP currently supplies paper and printed rewind of varying substrates that are suitable for a variety of applications including butter wrap (metalized and parchment) and printed and plain rewind for ‘form, fill and seal’ applications.  Current products that we supply are used in the packaging of snack foods, cakes, biscuits, butter and flavour sachets and include the use of BOPP, Met BOPP, CPP, PVdc PET, Foil, PP and LDPE to name a few.  Our superior print capabilities and technical expertise in the packaging manufacturing industry underpins our products and service.



Laminated Rewind Gravure Print

Printed Rewind

Laminated rewind, trapped print, gravure print, suitable for Noodles

Bopp & Metalized BOPP, Gravure Trapped Print, Laminated



BOPP MOPP OPP MOPP Trapped Print Gravure Print

BOPP reverse printed laminated to Metalized OPP

Multi Structure laminated rewind

Suitable for potato crisps